Bangkok:  A Contrasting Paradise

Bangkok: A Contrasting Paradise

If you belong to the tribe of people that can never get enough of their vacations and is always on the hunt for more, then Bangkok is your passage to heaven. With historic temples for the worshipper in you, and food that soothes your soul, you name it, and Bangkok will serve it in a plate to you.

So if you want to teleport back into your youth, and finally take that solo vacation you’ve been planning for decades, the capital city of Thailand is the right place for you. Get in touch with yourself completely; your crazy, adventurous side, or your calm, laid-back side because this place has something to offer for your varying moods.

The amazing life in Bangkok

With so much life at every corner of this city, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the city’s culture contrasts itself. While every shopaholic can fulfill their dreams in Bangkok’s magnanimous malls, every vintage, old school shopper can feel at home in the local markets. While every insomniac can make marathon to the city’s nightlife, every early bird can spend a day alongside Buddhist Monks.

So no matter who you are or where your interests lie, step into Bangkok to find a home away from home.


If you’re someone who is easily moved by jaw-dropping architecture, intricate and detailed structures, and walls decorated like a bride on her wedding day, then Bangkok’s temples are your paradise on earth. These temples are not only exquisite to look at, but serene to be in and will take you away on a sacred journey.

These temples, along with being a major tourist attraction, are the home to many Buddhist Monks. Your trip to the temples will be more pleasant if you go early during the day, as it’s emptier and less crowded in an otherwise extremely packed city.


For all of you that let brands occupy a big part of your life, step into the world of luxury brands at inexpensive rates. Bangkok’s malls are not only extravagant and a treat to the eye, but they are also drowned in brands from all over the world that can overwhelm even a friendly shopper.

While malls may get you the names, the best part about the streets of Bangkok is the local markets and bazaars. Vibrant colors, authentic local products, fruits and vegetables, and various other local knick-knacks dominate these markets. If this wasn’t enough, some of these markets are floating! Yes, that means you can only visit the markets by boats.


As if there weren’t enough attractions to tire you out during the day, Bangkok’s nightlife is one that will make you feel guilty about sleeping in. Open-air rooftop bars, fancy nightclubs, and luxurious lounges that are likely to stay open for longer than you can stay awake, Bangkok’s nightlife is for the party animal in you.

Blinding lights and music that you can feel, the nightlife contrasts with all the exploring you did during the day. This is the perfect place for you to rekindle your youth.


If you’re a foodie and haven’t eaten in Bangkok, are you even a foodie at all? While Bangkok is meant for indulging in irresistible Thai food, it offers cuisines from all over the world. From mouth-watering street food to food at simple restaurants owned by small families, get ready to go back home looking healthier than when you left.

Pack Your Bags and Get Ready to Fly

After all the irresistible things Bangkok has to offer, you know you’d regret not going there. The best way to get to Bangkok is by flight, check out Cathay Pacific for the best and hassle-free flight options. You can also opt for hotel and flight bookings together and steal the good deals.