Best Online Travel Guides


Best Online Travel Guides

These are online versions of travel guides packed with information, photos, and maps that offer travel information. They also contain planning tools, community, deals and other specific features. We recommend sampling what each site has to offer before picking out a few favourites as they are subject to a matter of taste.


They are commonly seen as the world’s largest network of free travel guides. This site is unique in that its contents are entirely web-based, and all of its guides are available as free, high-quality pdf downloads. Although the website is available in either English or Swedish, individual destination cities offer the opportunity to download the travel guides in a language of your choice, including the local language spoken at your destination. A mobile version does not exist though it offers the opportunity to download their popular guides on the iTunes app store.


This website provides travel guides to more than 200 destinations. Searching for destinations based on your interest and ideas turn up some travel suggestions that you may not find in other travel guides. They don’t have a mobile app, though.

3.  Yahoo travel

Yahoo travel is the most fully-featured travel option provided by the three main search engines. Not only do they offer research guides and booking tools, but there is also an option to create a profile, map of places you have visited, or want to go to, and to organize your travel plans and reviews. A mobile version of this website is available.

4.  Wikitravel

Wikitravel is an open-source worldwide travel guide that offers more than 23,000 destination guides and other articles written by travellers around the globe. Their site instantly detects access from mobile devices, and it reformats itself to make it suitable for mobile viewing. Two apps make use of Wikitravel data in the iTunes app store.

5.  Trip Advisor

This site is one of the first to combine a search for travel products with guides and user reviews. The site now has about 33 million user reviews for destinations all around the world, and it’s a must-visit site if you are looking for recommendations for somewhere new. Their site also automatically detects access from mobile devices and reformats itself for mobile viewing. A free Trip Advisor app is available in the iTunes app store.

6.  Ruba

It is a new travel guide, and one of the few that’s only available online. Ruba is a community-built collection of visual guides supplied by contributors with reviews of numerous tours and river cruises. They don’t have a mobile version or app but probably not for long.

7.  Rough Guides

This website was started as part of a student project conceived as a means of combining a journalistic approach to description with a practical approach to the needs of travellers. Now it covers more than 200 destinations around the world and diverse subjects ranging from climate change to pregnancy. It does not have a mobile site, but versions of its guides are available on the iTunes app store.

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