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Tempat Wisata di Malang dan Batu

Tempat Wisata di Malang dan Batu

Berwisata ke Jawa Timur, sayang bila kamu melewatkan Kota Malang. Pasalnya, kota ini punya segudang pesona wisata untuk mengisi waku liburmu. Setelah pengunjung Malang, kamu bisa bergeser sejauh 16,9 km menuju Kota Batu. Kota yang awalnya merupakan wilayah administrasi kabupaten Malang kini berdiri mandiri.

Kota Batu yang kaya akan tempat wisatanya juga memiliki pilihan beragam taman hiburan dengan jaraknya yang berdekatan. Untuk kamu yang berencana pergi ke Malang dan Batu silakan sewa mobil di SEVA pusat mobil murah

1. Batu Night Spectacular ( BNS)

BNS merupakan taman bermain yang terkenal di Kota Batu. Oleh karena letaknya di dataran tinggi, … Read more

Bangkok:  A Contrasting Paradise

Bangkok: A Contrasting Paradise

If you belong to the tribe of people that can never get enough of their vacations and is always on the hunt for more, then Bangkok is your passage to heaven. With historic temples for the worshipper in you, and food that soothes your soul, you name it, and Bangkok will serve it in a plate to you.

So if you want to teleport back into your youth, and finally take that solo vacation you’ve been planning for decades, the capital city of Thailand is the right place for you. Get in touch with yourself completely; your crazy, adventurous side, … Read more

Nothing left or ‘it’s a ridiculous price’

Every summer since her 11-year-old daughter was born, Rachel Douglas has visited family in the Caribbean. Not this year, though.

Travel restrictions and the continuing coronavirus uncertainty have now persuaded Rachel it might be simpler to stay closer to home. But she never expected that finding somewhere to stay would be so difficult.

“There just seems to be so little availability, at least not in Cornwall and Devon where I’ve been looking,” she says. “And the accommodation that is free is so expensive.”

This summer’s “staycation” boom has meant a surge in bookings for UK holiday rentals and hotels. And

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Coronavirus began spreading in the US in January — predating President Trump’s travel restrictions and the detection of community transmission, CDC says

A medical worker walks down a New York street on May 29, 2020.
A medical worker walks down a New York street on May 29, 2020.

Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

  • Nearly a month before community spread was first detected, “sustained, community transmission” of the coronavirus in the United States began in late January or early February, a report from the CDC says.

  • A “single importation” from China was followed by “several importations” from Europe, the study’s authors found.

  • “As America begins to reopen, looking back at how COVID-19 made its way to the United States will contribute to a better understanding to prepare for the future,” said CDC Director Robert Redfield.

  • Redfield said that

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Ryanair still flying to Spain despite quarantine

Ryanair has said it will continue its flights in and out of Spain as normal, despite the UK government’s decision to impose a 14-day quarantine on travellers arriving from the country.

Neil Sorahan, Ryanair’s chief financial officer, told the BBC: “The schedules remain in place.”

The travel industry has been plunged into confusion by the quarantine rule, which was announced over the weekend.

Airlines have called it a “big blow”, throwing travel plans into chaos.

But speaking on the BBC’s Today programme, Mr Sorahan said: “As things stand, the market remains open, the schedules remain in place and we continue

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