Luxury vacation in Paros Island

A ferry center of the Cyclades, Paros is among the biggest islands of the complex. Being located not far from major tourist hubs, this land offers the ideal opportunity for island hopping. Therefore, Paros is also a great spot to start exploring the whole island chain. Known for its breathtaking views and magnificent nature, this island looks like a Cycladic mailing-card.

Paros – A Variety Of Experience

Fusing contemporary with classical elements in its specific way, Paros brings together classic Cycladic architecture, lively nightclubs, pristine beaches, charming rural spots, and historical sights. Whether you’re invigorated by nature or more of a risk-taker, Paros has got it all in one place.

The coastal region of Paros is known for its steep and sandy spots, but the sea surface is always sapphire and crystalline. Your best-loved pastime in Paros will be unwinding on splendid waterfronts and savoring the authenticity of the idyllic villages.

Paros is hidden among stunning beaches for all tastes. The beaches vary from water sports friendly to immense, blonde-sand and secluded. They have a long stretch of white sand that shines in the tender sun. 

Most of them are fully organized, there are diving schools and beach clubs. You can rent boats and yachts, play beach volleyball or just enjoy a holiday in one of the coastal taverns. 

Some beaches are crammed and noisy, others are left completely natural, and others are child-friendly. On Paros, everyone will find a place to relax to their liking.

There is turbulent history and Greek mythological mysteries to discover for history geeks. Paros’s sugar cube villages hide traditional pubs, high-end restaurants, and sophisticated bars. 

Rural places vary from big and buzzing to placid fishing harbors and discreet resorts. So whether you are into nightlife beats or are you a fan of rambling up and down the tranquil villages, there’s plenty of variety when it comes to picking the best spots to stay on Paros. The diverse faces of Paros will wow even the most worldly-wise traveler.

A Touch Of Luxury To Live The Best Experience

Accommodation options are also ample and suit every taste. From hotels and tourist residences, you can rent any type of accommodation imaginable based on your needs. Most 5-star hotels are located near the beaches which undoubtedly provides a satisfying experience. 

However, if you want to feel the authentic Cycladic vibe, there is nothing better than villas in Paros. No hotel can compare to lying in the glorious sunshine with your own secluded pool and decking area. If you are not one of those people who like to explore every nook and cranny, true villa experience will create the ideal base for soothing escapes in a completely serene environment set against the backdrop of the glittering sea.

The Bottom Line

With a sunlit seaside, vibrant lifestyle, and more accommodation options at hand than on any other Greek land, Paros is the perfect station to dive into the breezy summer atmosphere and soak in the scenic beauty of the Aegean Sea, from a Paros luxury villa.