Santorini Honeymoon: Forget a hotel and stay in a Cave House

Santorini Honeymoon: Forget a hotel and stay in a Cave House

A honeymoon provides your first memorable moments as a couple, and this period deserves the best location. And we have an obvious choice for you. One of the most romantic places in the world with picturesque views of the caldera – Santorini, a magical place. A magnificent Cyclades island of the azure Aegean Sea with blue-domed houses is a great place for couples looking for a luxurious romance with a touch of adventure.

One more important element of your honeymoon is the place, where you will stay. And it also should be perfect and meet all your requirements. Hotels can provide you all the facilities that you need. But if you are looking for memorable experiences and detail-oriented luxury accommodation then a stunningly designed private Santorini Cave House is the best opportunity that you can imagine.

You will be suggested stylish suites, authentic atmosphere, sunset view terraces, and cozy kitchens, where you will enjoy local food and drinks – anything you like. Besides, Cave House will let you feel like a local citizen from the past. Most of the cave houses that you can book have been created ages ago. Allow yourself to spend the most romantic evenings on your terrace with a glass of champagne in hand and spectacular sunsets.

Santorini is a popular honeymooners’ paradise because of its unbelievable views and inspiring architecture. It is a small place, but it is packed with exciting things to do and picturesque destinations that will be engraved in memory. Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the most exclusive villages on this island:

  • Oia Village is recognized across the world by beautiful blue and white homes on hill slopes
  • Fira Village, the capital of Santorini situated at the edge of a high cliff and also a beautiful place that will inspire you
  • Imerovigli Village is a historic town where you can enjoy delightful sunsets and views of the caldera that are unforgettable

Spend your Santorini honeymoon with all possible entertainments that this paradise can provide you. Go hiking, sailing, have wine tasting evenings, take a gorgeous photo with specialists at the most gorgeous spots, enjoy crystal-clear water at Amoudi Bay. Also, there are many water sports options that will bring you great emotions. The underwater world is rich, and it provides you a great opportunity for snorkeling and scuba diving. But if you want to get the most unusual feelings, then take a chance to peer into a crater of an active volcano in the one more island, that is just next to Santorini.

Spend the most romantic time with your soulmate enjoying Santorini’s iconic blue-domed churches, whitewashed villages, and dramatic coastline. Enjoy your unbelievable and memorable honeymoon in a perfect Cave House away from the crowds and with bags of privacy.  Allow yourself a little more – feel a true Greece spirit and be ready to enjoy breathtaking views. They will inspire you and create an atmosphere of romance to enhance your feelings.