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This $225,000 luxury RV can travel across the country on a single battery charge — see inside ‘Endless Highways’

Bowlus Road Chief's Endless Highways Performance Edition.
Bowlus Road Chief’s Endless Highways Performance Edition.

Bowlus Road Chief

  • Bowlus Road Chief has unveiled its latest RV trailer, the $225,000 Endless Highways Performance Edition that has enough battery power to last a cross country trip on a single charge.

  • The 600-amp hour, 7,680-watt-hour lithium iron phosphate battery gives the RV trailer the ability to stay off-grid for up to two weeks.

  • The Endless Highways Performance Edition trailer has a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and a bathroom.

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Bowlus Road Chief has unveiled its latest RV trailer, the $225,000 Endless Highways Performance Edition that

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Britain turns to Portugal for Covid tests that could prevent disease spread and deaths despite ban on travel to country


Britain has turned to Portugal for a mass screening Covid-19 test that can prevent the spread of the disease and help reduce the death rate despite the UK banning travel to the country.

 British officials have met with the Portuguese scientists at the Algarve biomedical centre which has developed a method of testing ten times as many people for a fifth of the price using the same laboratory equipment as now.  

It means potential outbreaks in the population and asymptomatic carriers can be detected far earlier than at present for a fraction of the price, enabling public health officials

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G/O Media just fired a Black Muslim travel writer for leaving the country. The reporter has worked abroad for years and has written that she left to protect her son from police violence.

imani bashir
imani bashir

Courtesy of Imani Bashir

  • G/O Media fired LifeHacker travel writer Imani Bashir for leaving the country, according to the company’s union. 

  • Bashir has lived in four different countries in the last decade and has written for multiple news sources about frequently working abroad, including The New York Times.

  • Bashir, who the union said was the only Black staff member at G/O’s LifeHacker, wrote in The New York Times in May that part of why she traveled and often lived abroad was to protect her 3-year-old son from American police violence.

  • G/O Media didn’t immediately respond to Business Insider’s

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