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Swedish virus expert says ‘no point’ in face masks, as Madeira makes them mandatory

stockholm - Getty
stockholm – Getty

Sweden’s leading coronavirus expert has dismissed the effectiveness of face masks as the country’s Covid-19 rates continue to tumble.

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has been a staunch defender of Sweden’s controversial decision not to go into lockdown during the pandemic, even when the Swedish mortality rate far outstripped that of neighbouring Scandinavian nations like Norway and Finland, where much stricter measures were imposed.

Now, with the number of new infections having fallen rapidly over the course of July, Mr Tegnell has backed the Swedish government’s decision not to implement rigid face masks rules that could prevent a

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NBA players who travel separately to Orlando face additional costs, tests

As NBA teams prepare for their great migration to Orlando for the NBA’s upcoming restart, not every participating player will be traveling with their team into the bubble. Whether they have extenuating circumstances or recently tested positive for COVID-19, they’ll have to travel separately, which presents some important questions: How should those players travel to Orlando, and how will they be safely inserted into the bubble?

The NBA has answered those questions in a memo to teams that has been obtained by ESPN. Players will have several options for travel, but what mode they use will reportedly dictate what happens

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Do I need to wear a face mask and are buses and trains safe?

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Getty Images

This weekend, the government is introducing the biggest easing of lockdown rules since the coronavirus hit Britain.

On Saturday 4 July, a host of public spaces and businesses in England are beginning to reopen including pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and art galleries, while the two-week quarantine imposed on airline passengers travelling into the UK is set to lift two days later.

Similarly, while people are being urged to avoid using public transport where possible, and instead try to walk, cycle, or drive, buses and trains are available to use. The government has published new guidance for people on how

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Face masks, health checks and long check-ins: the future of flying

Cabin crew in protective suits, health certifications for passengers, mandatory face masks, and longer check-in times.

This is the new reality of mass air travel.

As people dream of taking to the skies once more, they face the prospect that changes to curb the spread of coronavirus will be even more challenging than those brought in after the 2001 terror attacks in the United States.

In addition to the strict security measures commonplace around the world since then, passengers will now encounter a barrage of checks for COVID-19.

“Before the pandemic, we were told to arrive two hours before the

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