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UN agency recommends health guidelines for airlines

Montreal (AFP) – Mask wearing, temperature controls, disinfection of aircraft: the International Civil Aviation Organization on Monday published a series of health recommendations for the pandemic-hit airline industry as it relaunches air travel.

The protocol was drawn up by an international task force formed by the Montreal-based ICAO with the help of other UN agencies like the World Health Organization and the powerful International Air Transport Association (IATA).

“These guidelines will facilitate convergence, mutual recognition and harmonization of aviation COVID-19 related measures across the globe,” Philippe Bertoux, France’s representative on ICAO’s board, which led the “task force” debate, said in

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French Industry Orgs Offer Safety Protocol Guidelines For Resumption Of Filming On Movies & TV

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Following Spain, India and others, France has outlined recommendations for on-set safety when filming gears back up again as coronavirus restrictions ease in the country. The Central Committee for Hygiene, Security and Working Conditions for TV and Film (CCHSCT) published its proposals today. The org noted that the suggestions are complementary to measures put in place by the government, and may be amended in the future.

France is in the third week of lifting some lockdown restrictions and the government is expected to release further overall information on Thursday. Cinemas are not anticipated

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What do new UK travel guidelines mean for my holidays?

The prime minister has said that most airline passengers flying to the UK will soon be required to self-isolate upon arrival.

After a week of leaks and briefings about making arrivals to the UK self-isolate, Boris Johnson confirmed that airline passengers touching down from abroad will soon be quarantined.

He gave no further details of the policy, such as when it will start, how it will work and an “exit strategy” from quarantine.

But the prospect of quarantine throws holiday plans for millions of people into turmoil — and causes profound problems for airlines and travel firms.

While holidaymakers and

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