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A ‘safecation’ is the best way to travel this summer. Here’s how to do it

As summer revs up, many families who’ve planned vacations and long-anticipated reunions are left wondering whether it’s safe to travel during the coronavirus outbreak. Most states have reopened, giving residents a semblance of normalcy, but COVID-19 cases are still rising in some areas.

The good news is you can travel this summer, especially if you stay within U.S. borders, as there are still many restrictions on international travel — and if you follow basic precautions.

“It’s OK to have fun, (but) do it safely,” Saad Omer, director of Yale Institute for Global Health in New Haven, Connecticut, told TODAY. “You

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Thinking About Flying With Kids? Here’s What to Consider Before You Book That Flight

Two Children Excitedly Watch as Planes Land at the Airport
Two Children Excitedly Watch as Planes Land at the Airport

With social-distancing regulations loosening across the United States, parents may be wondering when it’ll be safe to fly with the kids again. Although the CDC outlined safety measures in the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, not much has changed in terms of guidelines. However, TSA hopes to put new airpot regulations into effect by mid-June, as the number of people boarding flights has been slowly increasing. The bottom line? Only fly with your family if you absolutely need to.

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New to RVing? Here’s what you need to know.

In the wake of a pandemic that requires social isolation, it makes sense people are more interested in RVs — it’s a roving home where you can isolate but still go on vacation. Dealerships across the country have reported a recent rise in sales of recreational vehicles, often from first-time buyers. 

For clarity’s sake: lots of things can be considered an RV, including motorhomes, trailers, vans, and campers.  

“Summer vacations are in the forefront of everyone’s thoughts right now,” Gigi Stetler, founder of The RV Advisor and RV Sales of Broward told Mashable. “People that normally travel to Europe, they’re

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