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NBA teams at Disney had tough travel-party decisions to make

The 22 teams participating in the NBA restart were all at the Disney campus together for the first time Friday.

None of them, however, made it to the Orlando, Florida, area with their usual travel party.

Leaving families behind for several weeks – or maybe even three months, depending on how deep a team goes in the playoffs – during a pandemic isn’t the only hardship that teams are dealing with during this restart. Space limitations within the quasi-bubble at Disney also meant that teams had to cut their official traveling parties down to 37, including players, so many people

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NBA players who travel separately to Orlando face additional costs, tests

As NBA teams prepare for their great migration to Orlando for the NBA’s upcoming restart, not every participating player will be traveling with their team into the bubble. Whether they have extenuating circumstances or recently tested positive for COVID-19, they’ll have to travel separately, which presents some important questions: How should those players travel to Orlando, and how will they be safely inserted into the bubble?

The NBA has answered those questions in a memo to teams that has been obtained by ESPN. Players will have several options for travel, but what mode they use will reportedly dictate what happens

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NBA distributes protocols for players traveling without team

As the NBA begins welcoming teams to ESPN Wide of Sports Complex near Orlando this week for the resumption of the 2019-20 season, the league has reportedly set the protocols for players unable to travel with the rest of their team.

Citing a memo sent to teams from the league, ESPN on Sunday reported that players must arrange for their own travel to the Orlando area if a) they miss a scheduled coronavirus test in the two days prior to their team’s scheduled departure date, or b) have “extenuating circumstances” previously disclosed to the league.

According to the memo, ESPN

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