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European travel guide Rick Steves, stuck at home

Every summer for four decades, Rick Steves would head off on an annual tour through Europe. His journeys have been well-documented in several PBS shows and specials, and replicated in a successful line of guidebooks.

But over the course of this past year, a big trip for Steves has looked more like this: a simple stroll through his hometown of Edmonds, Washington.

Rick Steves strolls the streets of Edmonds, Wash., 5,650 miles from Rome. 

CBS News

Ever since COVID cancelled his travel plans, he’s mostly been staying inside, practicing piano, and exploring the foreign land that is … his kitchen.

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Up, up and away: Travel industry prepares for post-pandemic surge

It seems that if we’ve learned anything after a year of staying home, it’s how much we like to get away.

And with CDC restrictions easing and more people vaccinated by the day, the travel bug is busting out all over, says National Geographic contributor Heather Greenwood Davis.

Correspondent Tracy Smith asked, “Now that things are loosening up a bit, what do you see happening?”

“We’ve seen the ‘gray wave,’ which is, you know, all of the people who were sort of over the age of 65, who were getting those vaccinations first – the moment they got them, they

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Model suggests ‘green light’ travel list could include only eight countries

 (AFP via Getty Images)

(AFP via Getty Images)

New analysis of destinations that might be considered safe countries when England’s foreign travel ban is eased after lockdown suggests there could be as few as eight countries on the so-called ‘green list’.

Boris Johnson’s current plan identifies 17 May as the earliest possible date for foreign travel to resume, under a “traffic light” system that restricts some nations where coronavirus is prevalent. Green countries would be free to visit, amber would require isolation on return, and red would mean travel is banned.

While the Global Travel Taskforce looks into how to categorise countries ahead of

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to stop people being able to travel,’ says top Tory

Cash machine, but not in a good way: Heathrow airport (Simon Calder)

Cash machine, but not in a good way: Heathrow airport (Simon Calder)

Simon Calder, also known as The Man Who Pays His Way, has been writing about travel for The Independent since 1994. In his weekly opinion column, he explores a key travel issue – and what it means for you.

The four travel men of the apocalypse gathered, virtually, at Westminster on Wednesday.

“Living on thin air for over a year,” was how Mark Tanzer, chief executive of Abta, the travel association, described life for tour operators and travel agents. “Countries are desperate to have us, and we are

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How To Get the Most Out of Credit Card Travel Insurance

With all the fun and excitement that comes with traveling to new locales, you also run the risk of running into big and expensive problems. Lost luggage, natural disasters, injuries and all sorts of inconveniences can occur when traveling. One way to soften the blow of travel disasters, at least financially, is to have travel insurance.

Fortunately, credit card travel insurance is fairly common and chances are you already have a travel credit card that provides some level of protection. Let’s take a closer look at what travel insurance is, what credit card travel insurance problems you may run into

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