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These states require travelers to self-quarantine or present negative COVID-19 test

As state have opened back up, some are now tightening restrictions, and travelers may not be free to come and go as they please amid the coronavirus pandemic.

USA TODAY has an update on the states that are discouraging interstate travel by requiring or recommending that visitors and residents returning from other states quarantine. And some states  are requiring a recent, negative COVID-19 test in lieu of a blanket quarantine policy.

Some counties or municipalities have issued similar advice to travelers, so anyone looking to go on a road trip or take a summer vacation should check government websites for

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A guide to when travelers can return to the islands

Following months of lockdowns, curfews and closed borders due to the coronavirus pandemic, the sunny Caribbean is readying to welcome back tourists. As restrictions, rules and regulations give way to new health and safety protocols, several islands are reopening their borders to travel from the U.S. while others take a wait-and-see approach.  

With wildcards in the deck like airlines restoring flights and the hurricane season that continues through the end of November, comebacks are gradual with social distancing, health screening and sanitizing the new normal and face masks as necessary as swimsuits and sunscreen.

“Thus far, the region has effectively

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