Tax Incentive To Travel Being Considered [POLL]

NEW YORK — Summer means a time of relaxation and travel. But during the new coronavirus pandemic, when much of the state is in the middle of — or just starting to — open back up, no one really know just what Summer 2020 will mean to most of us.

In New York, there’s been no decision yet on reopening amusement parks and the like, even though counties and municipalities have been given the go-ahead to open pools at their discretion. Many towns and cities announced that they were rushing to get playgrounds reopened as well.

While New York’s reopening seems to be going smoothly, there are 23 states where new cases of the coronavirus are increasing, according to the New York Times.

The states include such tourist destinations as California, Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii.

Walt Disney World recently announced a phased reopening which could happen as soon as June 22 and would include limiting attendance and the wearing of masks or face coverings, according to the Disney Tourist Blog.

So what is a family to do? Well, the U.S. tourism industry has an idea, and it involves a tax break.

Lobbyists for the industry want Congress to offer $4,000 tax breaks to get Americans to start traveling to and spending cash at tourism businesses like hotels and theme parks, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The tax credit is being called “Explore America,” and was pitched as part of the next economic stimulus package being worked on in Congress.

So would that be appealing to you? Vote in our unscientific poll and tell us what you think in the comments.

This article originally appeared on the New Rochelle Patch

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